About Economic Research

The Economic Research Department conducts research on a wide range of topics in support of the Federal Reserve Bank’s policy and public outreach functions. It is organized into five broad sections: macroeconomic and microeconomic research; international research; financial research; financial stability research; and research communications. Staff members include 27 PhD economists, an economic analyst, and 15 research associates who are recent graduates from colleges across the country. Additional staff members provide support of information technology, copy editing, administrative, and archival services.

As a way to further its research mission, the department has an active visitor program and is host to the Center for Pacific Basin Studies. The Center seeks to promote cooperation among central banks in the Pacific Basin and provide insight into and analysis of economic policy issues affecting the region.


Sylvain Leduc
Executive Vice President and Director of Research

Robert G. Valletta
Senior Vice President and Associate Director of Research

Glenn D. Rudebusch
Executive Vice President and Senior Policy Advisor

òscar Jordà
Senior Policy Advisor

Mark M. Spiegel
Senior Policy Advisor

Reuven Glick
Group Vice President, International Research

Zheng Liu
Vice President, International Research

Thomas Mertens
Vice President, Financial Research

Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau
Vice President, Macroeconomic Research

Daniel Wilson
Vice President, Microeconomic Research

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Economists and Visiting Scholars
Research Associate program