Our economy can only reach its full potential when everyone is educated, healthy, and has an affordable place to call home. Addressing the complex, long-standing challenges that limit opportunity requires collaboration across sectors and disciplines.

The SF Fed’s community development department works with a wide range of organizations to cultivate this collaboration and promote the economic resilience and mobility of lower-income Americans.

We promote emerging ideas through research, convenings, and outreach. By lifting up promising approaches, we hope to accelerate the field’s innovation cycle and move more quickly toward lasting, replicable solutions at scale.

To pursue our mission, the department is comprised of three complementary teams: Field and Community Outreach; Research; and the Center for Community Development Investments.

Field and Community Outreach

The Field Team advances solutions that address the needs of the Twelfth District’s lower-income communities. By regularly convening stakeholders and community partners, we bring the best thinking and resources together to address these challenges and opportunities. We gather community insights, share knowledge, and connect stakeholders to move forward leading ideas that address the pressing needs of low-income communities.

Contact Joselyn Cousins to learn more about our department’s field and community outreach work.


The Research Team examines a variety of data, both quantitative and qualitative, to identify trends and emerging issues, with a focus on community development policy and practice. The Research Team produces informed?publications?and hosts nationally- and regionally-focused convenings on topics of interest to banks, policy makers, community development practitioners and academics. It is also home to the department’s?Visiting Scholars Program.

Contact Laura Choi to learn more about our department’s research work.

Center for Community Development Investments

The Investment Center focuses more narrowly on community development financial innovation. Through combined research and outreach and guided by an external advisory council, the Center pursues innovative ideas that, in particular:

  • leverage existing CRA resources;
  • are outcomes-oriented;
  • allow for impact-adjusted rates of return;
  • facilitate cross-sector investment; and
  • encourage public-private partnerships.

Contact Ian Galloway to learn more about our department’s Center for Community Development Investments.

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